Post-Punk Experimental Film Workshop - Worcester University

15/10/16. Workshop with film students at Worcester University, introducing a post-punk methodology and aesthetic to experimental film making, using only analogue apparatuses. 

Tabula Rasa, Boxxed, Birmingham

03-04/12/15. Collaborative live performance using PureData and distressing super8 film to disrupt imagery by Plume Art Collective. 

Big Draw - Moving Pictures (Middleton Cheney)

17-18/10/15. Workshop with children and adults introducing them to video cameras, glitching video and distressing cine film.

Dirty Video Mixer Workshop - Vivid Projects

29/09/15. Workshop with artists and performers constructing "dirty video mixers" (after AV/new media artist Karl Klomp) so that particpants leave with working mixers to use in their own practice. For the Black Hole Club

I Am A Strange Loop - Digbeth First Friday, August 2015, Vivid Projects

07/08/15. A collaborative installtion and performance that saw the supporting structures of Vivid Projects invaded by film reels.  

sarah walden