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Sarah Walden is an experimental media artist examining the situated knowledges of neurodivergence through the lens of post-structuralist and feminist theory.


Sarah's practice encompasses the performance of neurodivergence, the form and function of glitch art, and the materiality of analogue and digital film in an experimental context, along with narrative and sensuous engagement with the radically 'other'. 



exhibitions/performances (group)

04/19 - "Lost (In 8 Very Experimental Millimetres)" (film, 2m30s), Moving Image Open Call, CheapCheap Gallery, Birmingham

12/18 - "In Which I Contemplate Drowning" (360 film, 9m), Black Hole Club, Vivid Projects, Birmingham

07/18 - "Be (with) Me" (360 film, 6m), Another Dimension, Vivid Projects, Birmingham

06/18 - "Silent Scream" (multichannel video, 55m), Her Horror, Vivid Projects, Birmingham

06/18 - "Frankenfilm" (live performance and film, 40m), Her Horror, Vivid Projects, Birmingham

04/18 - Durational performance, 2hr30m, "We Don't Talk Anymore 2" with Dan Auluk, Stryx Gallery, Birmingham

03/18 - "Bodies of Pleated Matter" (multichannel video, 16m), New Art West Midlands 2018, AirSpace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent

12/17 - "First I'll Stop, Then I'll Start" (sound recording, 5m), Forward, Vivid Projects, Birmingham

09/17 - "It Wasn't Like This When I Was Young" (video, 1m), Black Hole Club, Sluice Biennial, London

07/17 - "3D(on't)" (stereoscoped video, 7m), Forward, Black Hole Club, Birmingham

03/17 - "Bodies of Pleated Matter" (single channel video, 16m), Black Hole Club, Birmingham

12/16 - Live-coded video 16m, video wall, Algorave, Vivid Projects, Birmingham

08/16 - "Dys ease" (video, 10m), Future Broth, Vivid Projects, Birmingham

03/16 - "Ariel", photographic installation (with Ollie MacDonald-Brown), Black Hole Club, Vivid Projects, Birmingham 

02/16 - "TRIad", AV Silk Road, BYOB performance with Ollie MacDonald-Brown, Vivid Projects, Birmingham

12/15 - "Basement Type Barn", tART, Vivid Projects, Birmingham (with Ollie MacDonald-Brown)

12/15 - Tabula Rasa, performance (with Plume Artist Collective and Ollie MacDonald-Brown), Boxxed, Birmingham

10/15 - BOM Halloween party, VJ performance (with Ollie MacDonald-Brown and Simon Peet), Cherry Reds, Birmingham (for Birmingham Open Media, 8bit Lounge)

10/15 - Live+Loud, Selfridges, Birmingham (exhibition of MA show piece)

09/15 - "Bodies of Pleated Matter", A Line Drawn from the Eye to the Summit, Birmingham School of Art MA Show

08/15 - "Unwieldy Film Monster", I Am A Strange Loop, performance (with Ollie MacDonald-Brown), Vivid Projects

06/15 - MA Art Raffle Fundraiser, VJ performance (with Ollie MacDonald-Brown), Birmingham School of Art

04/15 - "Blink" (video, 7m), Meet the Black Hole Club, Vivid Projects (installation of degree show work)

10/14 - "Blink" (video, 7m), Changing The Sight Line, FAM Art Collective, Unit 2 Minerva Works, Birmingham (installation of degree show work)

06/14 - "Blink" (video, 7m), Degree Show, Birmingham School of Art


residencies, workshops, talks and curation

06/19 - 'Slicing and Dicing the Cultural/Visual/Linguistic/Material/Neurological: the Performativity of (Glitched) 360 Video' - Paper - Centre for Digital Cultures, Birmingham University 

05/19 - Play/Pause: Immersion/Dissonance Conference - Demonstration of 360 Film work at conference - Birmingham University

05/19 - 'Neurodivergent Twitter' - Paper - Digital Cultures Research Network Conference, Nottingham University

02/19 - 'Positioning Oneself as a Researcher' - Talk - ADM PG Cert Course, Birmingham City University

01/19 - 'So you want to see my insides, do you? Don’t say I didn’t warn you…'  - Talk - PGR Studio Inside Out Research Festival, Birmingham City University 

11/18 - Experimental Film Workshop - Worcester University

10/18 - 'Slicing and Dicing the Cultural/Visual/Linguistic/Material/Neurological: the Performativity of (Glitched) 360 Video’ - Paper - BCMCR Screen Cultures Research Cluster, Birmingham City University

06/18 - 'Performing Neurodivergence' - live experimental filmmaking workshops at BCU School of Art Takeover, and presentation and screening at Researcher Dialogue(s) - School of Art/PGR Studio, Birmingham City University

05/18 - Presentation of 'Be (with) me' (360 video on headset) - Midlands3Cities Research Festival

03/18 - Dys/function Workshop - Arts & Science Festival, Birmingham University

07/17 - Dirty Video Mixer Workshop - Superseded, Vivid Projects

05/17 - Digital Storytelling research presentation - Midlands3Cities Research Festival

03/17 - Synse/Non Synse Workshop - Arts & Science Festival, Birmingham University

09/16 - 'Look At The Pictures: Pop-Up Polaroids' - photography workshop event - Vivid Projects, Birmingham (with Siân Macfarlane and Oliver McCall)

06/16 - 'Insights into Collaborative Practice' - publication launch and artists' talk - Artists on the Edge, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

05/16 - 'Psychic Antisthesia' - experimental film workshop development - Vivid Projects, Birmingham (with John Bradburn and Ollie MacDonald-Brown)

04/16 - 'Crit Club: Ariel' - artists' talk - Black Hole Club, Birmingham

10/15 - 'Exquisite Methods' - CFAR pop-up research seminar - curation, Live + Loud, Selfridges, Birmingham

10/15 - 'The Big Draw (Moving Pictures) - workshop - Middleton Cheney (with Ollie MacDonald-Brown)

09/15 - Dirty Video Mixer workshop, Vivid Projects, Birmingham (with Ollie MacDonald-Brown)

07/15 - 'On Film' - residency - Artefact/P Cafe, Stirchley (with Ollie MacDonald-Brown)



2016-21                                        Midlands3Cities AHRC Doctoral Studentship Award 

2015                                             Ikon Gallery Art Prize

2015                                             Gertrude Aston Bowater Bequest Award for Excellence (first prize)

2014                                             Recipient of the Gertrude Aston Bowater Bequest for Arts Based Masters study at Birmingham City University




Artists On The Edge (2016). Insights Into Collaborative Practice. Birmingham: Article Press. 32-35.



2015                                 Birmingham City University                           MA Fine Art 

2014                                 Birmingham City University                           BA (Hons) Fine Art 

sarah walden

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